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Political, Economic & Social Justice for Every Family

Revolution is about the need to re-evolve political, economic and social justice and power back into the hands of the people, preferably through legislation and policies that make human sense. That's what revolution is about.

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What Exactly Is Justice ?

Justice is about assuring the protection of equal access to liberties, rights, and opportunities, as well as taking care of the least advantaged members of society. Thus, whether something is just or unjust depends on whether it promotes or hinders equality of access to civil liberties, human rights, opportunities for healthy and fulfilling lives, as well as whether it allocates a fair share of benefits to the least advantaged members of society.

What We Think ?

We think that the Truth is compulsory for Person, Love is Compulsory for a Family, Justice is compulsory for a Society or a Nation. So, these four words Truth, Love, Justice & Goodness are being established by us.

Determining equal and proper Rights & Duties of People or Public & Government is called Justice. Rights take place before Duties. It means the Duties take birth from Rights, because the person who don't have any Right in his life, he will not be able to perform any Duty. So we should not expect any Duty from a person without giving him Justfiable Rights. That’s why ational Human Rights And Women Child Development Commission considers the Rights as the most important factor of human life before prescribing the Duties.

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Mr Ravindra Mishra is the Directive Organization of NHRWCDC. Ravindra Mishra considers the Religion as four dimensional and the base of this Religion is Scientific & Philosophic Trueness which prescribes the four bases of Religion i.e. Truth, Love, Justice & Goodness. The Truth is accepted for the welfare of Person. Love is accepted for the welfare of Family. Justice is accepted for the welfare of Society or Nation. Goodness is accepted for the welfare of World. NHRWCDC was founded by Ravindra Mishra to establish the Social & National Justice for the welfare of the people.


National Human Rights And Women Child Development Commission (Non Governmental Organization) (NHRWCDC) believes in the Justfiable Democracy, So it runs all the Campaigns very peacefully, publically and democratically. Any Social Institution or Political Party who is ready to accept the Justice and Justfiable Democracy, they can be with us without any hesitation. NHRWCDC believes in True & Real Justice. Universality, Independence, Freedom are the main characteristics of the Justfiable Democracy. In the same manner Equality and Appropriateness are the basic characteristics of Justice. The trueness of Soul prescribes the Equality and the Natural Virtue prescribes the Appropriateness. Equality and Appropriateness are combinedly known as Justice. Equality cannot be overlooked due to Appropriateness, and Appropriateness cannot be overlooked due to Equality, as the Soul and the Nature cannot be separated from each other in the World Creation. Everything in the World is a combination of Soul & Nature, Energy & Software.

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NHRWCDC established to achieve the following motives(in brief) :-

  1. To establish the justice for the peace & prosperity of Society & Nation.
  2. To establish the Economic, Cultural, Behavioural & Spiritual Justice in Society.
  3. To establish the Justifiable Public Rights in the Nation as Education, Employment, Accommodation & Protection.
  4. To establish the Justifiable Human Rights in Society to achieve Virtue, Wealth, Pleasure & Health.
  5. To establish the Justifiable National Freedom by establishing the freedom of Land, Currency, Fisc, Constitution.
  6. To establish the Justifiable Panchayati National Structure as Village, District, Province, Country & World.
  7. To establish the Panchayati Virtuous Social Structure as Leader, Administrator, Commercial, Agro Worker & Criminal.
  8. To establish the Justifiable Triangular Economy in Society & Nation on the Earth.