National Human Rights And Women Child Development Commission (Non Governmental Organization Regd with under Trust Act Regd No 1276)Help Line Number: 8080002329 >> E-mail: info@nhrwcdc.org.in >> Join Us: join@nhrwcdc.org.in

NHRWCDC in Brief
NHRWCDC was commenced in the year 2012. Its main objectives are to establish the Justice in Society & Nation. We think that the Truth is compulsory for Person, Love is Compulsory for a Family, Justice is compulsory for a Society or a Nation. So, these four words Truth, Love, Justice & Goodness are being established by us.

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Join Us
  • That I shall be fully dedicated to NHRWCDC for the people & society and not for individual or my own benefits.
  • I shall serve the NHRWCDC with whatever responsibility and accountability given to me.
  • I shall not be involved with any kind of misbehavior or misconduct or Anti India, Anti Government or Anti Society Activity, Which may result in rejection / termination of my membership of NHRWCDC.

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Power Of Commission
The commission shall have the powers of a civil court,while trying a suit under the code of civil procedure,1908 in respect of the following matters namely:-
(1)summoning and enforcing the attendance of any person from any part of india and examining him on oath, (2)reauiring the discovery and production of any docoment, (3)receiving evidence on affidavits, (4)reauisitioning any public record or copy these of from any court or office, (5)issuing commissions for the examination of witnesses or docoments, (6)any other metter which may be prescribed.